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Welcome to STCE

We are team of talented designers in FFTH also in Mobile Network


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Here you will know everything about us, such as our mission and what we do.

Our Mission

FFTX projects and construction of antennas for the mobile network. Our employees are experienced, coming from good companies, with excellent relationships.

  • FFTX Design

    We have several teams, and these same teams are specialized. The big focus is the FFTH, and of course with the help of the software development team, we were able to increase the effectiveness and completion of projects. We have knowledge of Autocad, QGis and ArcGis and Netwin.

  • Mobile Network Construction

    We have several teams with a lot of experience, and we want to do more and better. We have a logistical and bureaucratic support team, so that our field teams can only be focused on carrying out, with the greatest possible security, the construction of antennas for the mobile network.

  • Software Development

    We have a team with diverse knowledge, who work internally, however we are looking for more and more projects on an external level.

Our Goal

Our objective is to present the best quality to our customer, and leave him satisfied.

We have the ambition to do more and better, we want to learn and create a good relationship between our company and our customers. We want to grow, increase efficiency and become good partners.



Hard Workers


Check our Services

We currently have 3 services available.

FFTH Design

Our teams have years of experience, and we are used to designing in:
Qgis using ArcGis;

And we have support from our programming team, to help us and improve our work.

Mobile Network

We have several experienced and dynamic teams, we have already assembled several antennas for different telecommunications operators.

We have a team to support all the logistics, with great professionalism.

Software Development

Our team, despite being small, has a lot of experience, is used to all kinds of challenges.

From C# to BackEnd - FrontEnd (JavaScript), using database, our team can handle and work on any platform.

Our main concern is the automation of processes so that there is greater production.


Check our Infrastructures

Here we will show you our facilities, along with our cars.

  • All
  • Office
  • Vans








Van 1


Van 2


Van 3


Our Hardworking Team

Filipe Silva

Chief Executive Officer

Sónia Barreto

Chief Human Resources Officer

Luis Faustino

Management Controller

Rui Pinheiro

Mobile Chief Operating Officer

Miguel Rodrigues

FFTH Chief Operating Officer


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Here are our contacts, feel free to contact us.

Our Address

Rua da Platina Lt.68, Parque Industrial Vale do Alecrim
2950-007 Palmela

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